David Chan Product Designer in Toronto

Royal Bank of Canada

Interac AutoDeposit Implementation

RBC Express is Royal Bank's commercial banking platform for medium and large businesses. Commercial banking is generally more complicated than retail banking as it caters to administrators who have varying levels of authorization and privileges.

This project specifically dealt with Interac AutoDeposit Registration which allowed admins to link emails and mobile numbers to accounts and receive Interac e-Transfers automatically.


Role & Deliverables

I was the interaction and visual designer on the project and my deliverables included wireframes, high-fidelity interactive prototype and a user testing plan.

I also supported the front-end development team with HTML/CSS.


My process started with research into how other financial institutions handled AutoDeposit Registration in personal banking.

Competitive Analysis

Although providing a good starting point, there was a need to scale the existing patterns to accommodate adding and managing multiple registrations and multiple accounts.

For inspiration, I turned to interaction and UI patterns focused around administration and management. Specifically I looked for common features found when managing lists of users and bulk actions.


After presenting the initial research, we discussed as a team what features would be included in the MVP and which features would be deferred. The decision was to keep the scope of launch to letting admins create and delete Autodeposit Registrations and have basic filtering in the management dashboard.

With a clear idea of the requirements for MVP, we started mapping out the flows for adding and deleting AutoDeposit Registrations.

Add Registration Flow


Initial Desktop Designs

Despite tight timelines we were able to do a round of testing through UserTesing.com The feedback uncovered some issues which we addressed in the final design:

  • The dashboard felt 'empty' when there were not any Autodeposit Registrations set up
  • User wanted visual cues when determining the status of a registration on the dashboard
  • CTAs from the "Set Up Autodeposit Registrations" screen was missed by some users
  • Message about how to activate an AutoDeposit Registration was noticed by some users

Final Desktop Designs

Final Mobile Designs