RBC Express Interac AutoDeposit Registration


RBC Express is a commercial banking platform for medium to large businesses. Commercial banking is generally more complicated than personal banking because it caters to administrators with varying levels of authorization and access.

This project specifically dealt with the addition of a new feature called Interac AutoDeposit Registration. It would allow admins to register emails and mobile numbers to automatically receive Interac e-Transfers.

Role & Deliverables

I was the sole interaction and visual designer on the project and my deliverables included wireframes, high-fidelity mockups, a user testing plan and an interactive prototype. I also supported the front-end development team with HTML/CSS.

My involvement in the project was approximately eight weeks.


My process started with looking at how other banks handled AutoDeposit Registration in personal banking.

Although providing a good starting point, there was a need to scale the existing patterns to accommodate adding and managing multiple registrations and for multiple accounts.

For inspiration, I turned to interaction and UI patterns focused around administration and management. Specifically I looked for common features found when managing lists of users and bulk actions.

Initial Designs

After the presenting the initial research, we discussed as a team what features would be included in the MVP and which features would be deferred. The decision was to keep the MVP as lean as possible and focus on create and delete functionality.

With our MVP defined, I began to work on the first round of user flows and mockups:

User Testing

With the initial designs finished, we used InVision and UserTesting.com to validate our design.

What we tested:

  • flow to set up a new AutoDeposit Registration
  • flow to edit an existing AutoDeposit Registration
  • flow to delete an AutoDeposit Registration
  • ability to perform tasks from the management screen
  • ability to retain important content

All users were able to complete the flows but there were valuable insights discovered during testing:

  • clicking "Back" to edit their registrations from the confirmation screen was not clear
  • CTAs from the "Add Registrations" screen were not visible for all users
  • users mentioned grouping the contact methods according to bank account would be helpful
  • cost of setting up an AutoDeposit Registration was sometimes missed
  • how to activate an AutoDeposit Registration was sometimes missed
  • users believed that sorting by "Date created" on the management screen would be most useful
  • users wanted an easy way to distinguish which registrations required attention


Based on the feedback from our user testing, we made updates to our original designs.

Click images to toggle between updated design and original.

Added visuals for the initial empty state for a friendlier onboarding to Autodeposit Registration.

Moved "Add Another Account" to the top of the page and updated visual cues for “Delete Account” and “Add Contact Method”.

Added “Edit Registration” to the review screen and removed redundant information.

Moved copy on how to activate their Autodeposit Registration into a modal that a user needs to dismiss.