My name is David Chan and I am currently a designer and developer at CIBC.


Joined CIBC's UX team in the March of 2015 as the Design Lead for the Digital Optimization team.

With my familiarity with responsive design and development, I worked on the design, prototyping and accessibility requirements of the new CIBC site. I was the first designer to contribute production-level code to the development team.

I am currently working on the mobile team.

Awards: Quarterly Individual Recipient, Quarterly Team Recipient, Runner-up in the 2016 CIBC Hackathon, Runner-up in the 2015 CIBC Hackathon, 3x eAchiever Recipient.

Below is a selection of my work from CIBC. For more information, email me.

Before redesign

After redesign

I also worked at Sony Canada. Looking for more design work?