David Chan is a designer and developer in Toronto

TL;DR Full-stack product designer (visual, interaction, front-end design / development) with 10 years of experience. Communicates and co-works effectively with developers. Comfortable in agency and corporate environments.

Currently focused on product design, visual design systems and writing clean front-end code.

I follow the "Less, but better" philosophy of Dieter Rams and I believe good design goes beyond aesthetics and should create better experiences.

For details of my experience, see my professional history.

Contact me through email or Twitter.

AdBlock Pause

I built AdBlock Pause for sites that deny content to people using ad-blockers. This Chrome Extension temporarily pauses your ad-blocker, reloads your current page and then re-enables the ad-blocker after the page has loaded.

You can install AdBlock Pause from the Google Chrome Store


I believe designers should not only design and build their own websites but also keep them updated. Inpixelform is where I explore, test and refine my ideas on design and development.

Visit the style guide to learn more.