David Chan is a designer and developer in Toronto

TL;DR Full-stack designer (visual, interaction, front-end design and development) with 8+ years of experience. Excellent with communicating and co-working with developers. Comfortable in agency and corporate environments.

Currently focused on product design, visual design systems and writing clean front-end code.

I follow the "Less, but better" philosophy of Dieter Rams and I believe good design goes beyond aesthetics and should create better experiences.

For details of my experience, see my professional history.

Contact me through email or Twitter.

AdBlock Pause

I built AdBlock Pause for sites that deny content to people using ad-blockers. This Chrome Extension temporarily pauses your ad-blocker, reloads your current page and then re-enables the ad-blocker after the page has loaded.

You can install AdBlock Pause from the Google Chrome Store

Word Count

A Chrome Extension that lets you see the most popular words, total words and number of unique words in any article with options to ignore specific parts of speech.

You can install Word Count from the Google Chrome Store


I believe designers should design, build and also keep their websites updated. Inpixelform is where I explore, test and refine my ideas on design and development.

Visit the style guide to learn more.