David Chan is a designer and developer in Toronto

TL;DR Full-stack product designer (visual, interaction, front-end design / development) with 10 years of experience. Extremely adept at working and communicating with developers. Comfortable in both agency and corporate environments.

Currently focused on product design, visual languages and writing clean front-end code.

I follow Dieter Rams' "Less, but better" philosophy and I believe good design goes beyond aesthetics and should create better experiences.

Contact me through email or Twitter.



Product Designer

2017 - present


Co-founder / Product Lead

2017 - present


Lead Designer / Developer

2015 - 2017


Lead Designer / Developer

2013 - 2014

Brees Communications

Designer / Developer

2010 - 2013

Glitteration / Crate

Art Director / Designer

2009 - 2010


Spa Booking Platform


Chrome Extension

Ad Block Pause

Twitter Application

Dead Twitter


What is the role of a designer?

I believe a designer job is to find the most elegant solution, one that is mindful of design as well as development, scale, timelines, budget and expectations.

Where do I fit in the design process?

Although I am interested in all stages of a product's life, my primary points of focus are interaction and visual design as well as front-end development.

Should designers code?

Yes. Design and development have become so interwoven, I don't believe you can be a strong designer without being involved in development and execution.